get-motivated tip

Be Realistic with Your Schedule

Another thing I am guilty of (as well as a lot of our clients) is being too critical of ourselves. Just because you’ve set a goal doesn’t mean your life slows down. On top of that, a lot of goal setting tools will have you set 10+ goals at a time! That’s a lot of extra stuff to add to your plate! We often compare ourselves to someone’s outside success or appearance of perfection, but that is a mirage. Being kind to yourself instead of your #1 enemy will help you gain strength and momentum. So while it would be great to workout 3x a week, you might only have room for 2 or maybe you need a shorter program like T25 or a 30-minute P90X3 routine. Honor yourself for taking that action towards your goal at 2 instead of criticizing yourself for not being “perfect”. You might also like How to Organize Your Life: 17 Keys to Living Better and Happier.