chinese-language tip

Watch Chinese or Taiwanese TV shows (listening)

There are PLENTY of Chinese dramas and shows out there — from historical to modern dramas and from reality to talk shows — just choose one that appeals to you. In addition, you can choose to put on English, pinyin, or Chinese subtitles depending on your level and what you want to focus on learning (e.g., pronunciation or characters). Goal to keep in mind: When watching the TV show, feel free to pause and take notes on new words or expressions in Chinese as well as their pronunciation. Write down questions you may have; for example, how it is different than what you learned from the textbook. If you have time, you can rewatch the same episode with different focuses in mind. The English subtitles can help your brain to match what is said with the English translation (subtitles). The Chinese Subtitles can help with synchronizing your reading (character recognition) and listening (pronunciation and tones) in Mandarin.