photography tip

Shoot Macro By Reversing Your Lens

If you haven’t heard of this technique before, you are in for a big treat! Traditionally, you need a macro lens which can cost quite a bit. Investing in a macro lens is often not practical for photographers who shoot macro occasionally or just want to try it out. Now all you need is a camera with a detachable lens. It works in both DSLR and mirrorless, prime or zoom lens. Reverse mount your lens with the front of the lens to your camera’s body with a reversing ring, which normally costs just under $20. The only limitation is your reversed lens can only shoot at the widest aperture, which can have a shallow depth of field to keep your subject sharp throughout. This happens with most modern lenses as there is no manual aperture ring. But if your lens does have a manual aperture ring, you can step it down to increase the depth of field as you get closer to your macro subject. As with conventional macro photography, you do need a tripod and a flash or a reflective board to light up your tiny subject :))