fortnite tip

Adapt to The Situation

If you want to taste success in an online game, as intense as Fortnite, it all depends on doing the right thing at the right moment. In Fortnite, you face situations where you have to decide how long you stay alive. For survival, you must possess the right kind of weapons. If you find yourself in close range situations then keeping a shotgun or an automatic weapon will be helpful for you. However, if you end up in open places, then there is nothing better than a sniper rifle. During your course in the game, you will have to go through plenty of such situations. Many players bound themselves to a single weapon, and that won’t help in the long run. This is why it is recommended to keep weapons, utilities at your disposal to counter what lies next. Assault rifles work perfectly fine in every situation. But their success heavily depends on your aim. Unless you are confident with them, then there is no point in spraying and praying to kill the enemy.