fortnite tip

Surviving is Winning

What many players forget while playing Fortnite is that this game is not about how many players you have killed. Your scorecard doesn’t matter even if you single-handedly killed 90% of the players on the map. The true winner is the one who is the last man standing, and any efforts that do not put one in this place are efforts gone in vain. Someone can win without even killing a single enemy in Fortnite, and that is the true beauty of the game. Probably the best Fortnite tip that I have to share with you is to learn how to survive. That definitely doesn’t mean hiding in one corner of the building and hoping no one kills you. Instead, it is doing the right things and act like a survivor rather than a one-man army. Your survival depends on your skills, and how well you avoid fights and engage in ones where your chances of winning are the most.