horizon tip

Attend the Sidewalk Sale Early

On most sailings aboard the Carnival Horizon, a Sidewalk Sale will be held in the general vicinity of the main atrium. If you’re looking for discounted shirts, jewelry, and other items this is the place to head. However, it can get real crowded, real fast. Consult the Fun Times to see what time the sale is slated to start, and then get there early… both for the best possible selection and to avoid the mad crush when all your fellow bargain hunters join the fray. A word of warning: Your mom was right when she said, “You get what you pay for.” I bought a cheap watch at one of these sales on another ship a year or so back, and it died a month after my cruise. That said, when you can get shirts for the folks back home at the price of 2-for-$10, it’s a total win.