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Nap Smart

Nursing has really taught me the benefits of having a “nana nap” at pretty much any opportunity I can.

  • Before driving home from a night shift – Read: How to Stop Falling Asleep While Driving after Night Shift​
  • After a 1st/early shift
  • Before starting a night shift
  • Recovering on days off.. etc And whilst naps are wonderful, they can be a curse too. I recently wrote a post titled, Should You Nap During Night Shift? which opened my eyes to what a nap should really look like. Click on the image to take a look. The bottom line with taking a nap on night shift is that it should be between 10-20 minutes long OR 90 minutes… nothing in between. While the world won’t cave in and smother you if you have a nap of say 50 minutes, you might feel groggy and disoriented for up to an hour. This is called sleep inertia and is basically caused by disrupting a cycle of sleep mid-way through. Avoid this horrible feeling by keeping it short, or making it long (if you have the time and luxury). Use an alarm clock on your mobile phone or one of the specialized night shift alarm clocks we reviewed here to make sure you don’t oversleep. Have you heard of a coffee nap? I know it sounds odd, but using coffee to enhance your sleep/nap is possible and can actually be really effective when feeling tired. Find out more here.