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Brand casting as short-form comedy: Wicked Pissers

According to Jim, the creative work on this webisode relied on similar routines and standards as in network television, while at the same time opening up possibilities for breaking with conventions. The show furnished new opportunities for stand-up comedy, but it also served as a video pitch for advertisers, promoting Jims abilities to sell a potential audience of 17 to 34 year old men41 to Madison Avenue. Wicked Pissers is brand casting in comedy format. It attempts to prove its own potential for plot placements, for weaving products directly into the narrative. For example, in all of the four episodes distributed over YouTube, Bob and his friend Jake are traveling the back roads of Maine in a white van full of cardboard boxes supposedly containing candy, cookies and chips for the vending machines. In the rst episode, The Birthday Present, framing and editing repeatedly draw attention to the van and its boxes, implying the possibility of replacing the Vieking Vending lettering with any given brands name and logo. According to Jim, this was an attempt to accommodate potential corporate sponsors who would 116 117 Usage