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The geriatrics rst try

Intergenerational Communication An interesting phenomenon among the YouTube new auteurs is the user Geriatric1927 and his video posts. After a short personal introduction entitled Geriatric Grumbles, users come face to face with an elderly British gentleman using a simple webcam to declare his enthusiasm for the YouTube community, a quite odd appearance on a site dominated by a youthful audience. Geriatric1927 declares his intention to share his life experience with his younger audience. Responding to the fact that more than 4,000 YouTubers have sent him positive feedbackas of November 2008, the video has been registered with 2,789,508 views on YouTube Geriatric1927 started a series entitled Telling It All that by August 2008 had reached some 60 episodes.9 In this autobiographic monologue, the audience is informed about growing up in pre-World War II class-dominated England and about the person behind the pseudonym, whose name, one later learns, is Peter Oakley. At the age of 79 he posted his rst video on YouTube. Apparently a widower, he was educated in the eld of mechanical engineering and worked in the British health sector prior to being self-employed and later retiring. Oakley leads off every new episode with a short vignette of text and music mainly classic blues before addressing his audience with: Hello YouTubers! From this point the webcam remains focused on him as he continues his monologue, with an ample number of digressions, about growing up in another age. The response from his audience, which seems to have stabilized at around 20 to 30,000, comes in the form of text and videoblogs addressed to him, parodies most of them good-natured, with a few exceptions and responses sent to his new website www.askgeriatric.com. The average viewer seems to be of very young age, a fact perhaps mirroring Generation Ys need for a kind of grandfather gure. With a grandparent generation living in Florida or Arizona (or Spain in the case of North European youths), it is 144 145 Usage