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Stylization of real sports using computer games

Modes of Comparing In all the examples mentioned above, sports seems to underline the database logic of YouTube.19 Particular items are addressed because there is an external reason to view the clip and because it is possible to access items directly by name, date or category of event. This becomes especially obvious when the database is used not for a repetition and reviewing of or compensation for an important event whose live As a consequence, the referential and intermedial dynamics of media sports highlight YouTubes function as a database. At the same time, the site modifies access to sports, especially, as Cornel Sandvoss argues, its spatial determinations. The coverage of sporting events on the Internet contributes to the dual tendencies of cultural homogenization and fragmentation in that it has aided the formation of transnational sports fandom while simultaneously eroding the coherence of national sporting cultures that formed in the post-war era of nation state-centered broadcasting. 20 Still, YouTube places sports performances in a different context than other media, and its specific mechanisms of comparison 244 24 Form