design tip

Create Some Contrast

People do not have the time these days to pay close attention to the things around them. Their attention time is shorter today than ever before. They do not care to see a poster closely unless its design compels them to do so. But if there are some elements of contrast, it will catch their eye when they glance at your poster. Contrast makes us see the things instantly as there is a big difference between the two elements catches the eye especially if someone is creating movie poster using movie poster maker. So, you can use dark and light colors. Pure black and pure white offer the ultimate contrast colors values. You can also try incorporating dark text against a light background. So, rather than using a monotone color palette, you should prefer colors that appear distinctly different. Similarly, use typefaces of various sizes that people can see easily from a distance. In fact, contrast can be achieved in a lot of ways by a poster designer. It can be ensured with color intensity, with shape by putting organic against geometric and edges against corners. You can also experiment with scale vs. size when thinking of contrast as an impressive design element. A contrast of spacing and white space can also draw the attention. Other techniques include contrast with repetition and patterns, position and orientation, proximity and separation, font combination, and complex and simple features.