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Commitment abilities.

Hey summonerschool,Something I noticed while watching a few replays is that a very frequent prerequisite to successful ganks was the use of a commitment ability. I'm coining this term as "any ability a champion uses only when they want to commit to a skirmish or an all in." This can be something like a tryndamere e, or aatrox q, or even something like a malphite e. The importance of these abilities is that unless they're committing to the fight, they probably won't use it. Take darius for example. He can use his q to farm or harass, his w to farm or harass, but only ever uses his e when he really wants to fight. If darius uses his pull, there's a good chance he's going to try to commit to the kill or try to bully your laner out. That is your time to engage. Once he has his mind set on his objective, in this case getting the kill, you are more likely to catch him tunnel visioning.Just a small tip. Hope this helps.