overwatch-university tip

Shoot Mei's wall.

A lot of times I see people just give up and wait for 5 seconds until the wall goes down, but by that time the ally stuck behind is 100% dead.Each pillar has 400hp, which can be burst down really fast if you focus fire.That's 3 shots from Roadhog for example.Communicate with your teammates which pillar to shoot, or if you can't, just shoot the ones in the middle, or the one your ally is stuck behind.Many ultimates require line of sight like Zen's Trans or Lucio's Beat, so if you're playing a support, before using your ult to save your ally make sure you take down one of the pillars first.Bonus tip: Mei's ult also requires line of sight, so even tho it looks like an area attack, you can stand behind a pillar or corner and not get frozen.She can however freeze you through her own wall or your teammates wall, if you're also running Mei.