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Don’t Forget about your Google Assistant

The TicWatch Pro 3 comes with Google Assistant support right out of the box. This allows you to use it exactly as you would on a full-fledged smartphone without any known limitations (Except hardware-related ones such as LTE). You can open Google Assistant on your TicWatch Pro 3 by either holding down the top right button of the watch or by saying “Ok Google” (Needs to have “Ok Google” detection enabled). Some of its most popular uses include:

  • Smart home usage
  • Music playback
  • Online searches
  • Weather forecast
  • Real-time translation (Doesn’t always work well due to Google Translate limitations)
  • Add events to the calendar
  • And more depending on how you want to use it It’s a handy tool when your hands are tied – such as when you are on a long run or cooking.